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It may be the relative youngster on the literary scene, but the novel is the king of reads. Here’s our selection of fictive treats from the UK and across the world.

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  1. Mission London
    This is a true European comic novel in the best tradition of P.G. Wodehouse, Roald Dahl and Tom Sharp. Learn More »
  2. Death in the Museum of Modern Art
    A tender and revealing set of stories by the uniquely delicate Bosnian writer, Alma Lazarevska. Avoiding the easy traps of politics and blame, Lazarevska reveals a world full of incidents and worries so similar to our own, and yet always under the shadow of the snipers and the bombs which we know are out there and who occasionally impinge on the story in shocking ways. Learn More »
  3. The Aziz Bey Incident
    ‘’A few hours after the incident, Aziz Bey went home. He sat for a while in the light of a blinking bulb that settled over the room like a grave illness, and with eyes brimming with tears that just could not fall, he looked at a shattered moonlight that was reflected in the dirty waters of the Golden Horn..’’ Learn More »
  4. The False Apocalypse: From Stalinism to Capitalism
    This unique and disturbing work concerns the events of 1997, a tragic year in the history of post-communist Albania. Learn More »
  5. Volwys

    Volwys »

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    This edition also includes nine acclaimed science fiction short stories published over the last ten years in magazines and anthologies. Learn More »
  6. The Lunar Tickle
    Thornton Excelsior is a man but he’s not an individual, he’s a multitude, an ensemble of avatars of himself that can exist in any place at any time. His mission is to do all possible things and most impossible ones. Learn More »
  7. Wild Ink

    Wild Ink »

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    Wild Ink is a blackly comic story of friendship and envy, love and memory, booze and uproar, secrets and scandal. Learn More »
  8. Brick Mother

    Brick Mother »

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    Brick Mother is a dramatic and emotive tale that peers into the lives of some of the most forgotten in our society. Learn More »
  9. The Hills Were Joyful Together
    This is a starkly brutal novel full of Mais’s prophetic rage that for the poor and black little had changed since slavery. Learn More »
  10. The Blinding Walk

    The Blinding Walk »

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    This is K.M. Ross’s second novel, and unorthodox, challenging and richly rewarding, it will establish him as a writer of the first importance. Learn More »

Items 11 to 20 of 691 total

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