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It may be the relative youngster on the literary scene, but the novel is the king of reads. Here’s our selection of fictive treats from the UK and across the world.

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  1. Rosie Hogarth (eBook)

    In the spring of 1949, Jack Agass belatedly returns from the war to the working class street in Islington where he grew up. A proud, supportive community — with a pub and a barber shop, and a common love of The Arsenal. But the street has changed.

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  2. King Dido (eBook)

    1911, East London. The police collaborate with racketeers to keep an uneasy peace, periodically broken by vicious street wars.

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  3. The Open Door (eBook)

    The Open Door follows Saturday Night and Sunday Morning as the final volume in the Seaton series.

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  4. Holophin (eBook)

    It is 2031 and the must-have gadget is the Holophin: a tiny, dolphin-shaped microprocessor which cures your worst impulses and phobias, comforts you in your grief or boredom and makes everything look much, much prettier.

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  5. Benefits (eBook)

    It is summer... a heat wave... tense uneasy days in the city. A classic of women's and dystopian writing.

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  6. Kosmonaut Zero

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    A new space-race novel by “Manchester’s greatest science fiction writer” (Anthony H Wilson). Learn More »
  7. Shark

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    “Wes Brown is one of the best young writers around at the moment" – Anthony Clavane. Learn More »
  8. Girl in White (ebook)

    Girl in White is the extraordinary story of the German expressionist painter Paula Modershohn-Becker (1876-1907), told from the fictionalised perspective of her daughter, Mathilde.

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  9. The Lost Sister (eBook)

    Following on from the successful The Good Son, Russel McLean’s Scottish Private Eye J McNee gets drawn into trying to find a missing child, the God-daughter of local hard man David Burns who seems to have some friends on the Dundee police force.

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  10. The Good Son (eBook)

    James Robertson, a local farmer, finds his estranged brother’s corpse hanging from a tree. The police claim suicide. But Dundonian private investigator J. McNee is about to uncover the disturbing truth behind the death.

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Items 31 to 40 of 640 total

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