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It may be the relative youngster on the literary scene, but the novel is the king of reads. Here’s our selection of fictive treats from the UK and across the world.

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  1. Kanyakumari

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    Written during three separate trips to India and set in that country, this is an unusual and powerful tale of friendship, danger and loss as three women find themselves alone and facing some of her deepest fears and challenges.

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  2. The Book of the Needle
    Deeply funny, but with serious themes, this is an accomplished, entertaining and outstanding novel. Learn More »
  3. Water

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    “One of the most gripping and sobering works ever written in Welsh.” - Dafydd Iwan “With the passing time, there is no doubt in my mind that Y Dŵr (Water) by Lloyd Jones will be considered a classic.’” - Wiliam Owen Roberts Learn More »
  4. Love & Fallout
    Debut novel from the Forward Prize winning poet. Learn More »
  5. The Poet & the Private Eye
    A novel about a private detective shadowing the Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas, during the last three weeks of his life – and discovering some important truths about his own life along the way. Learn More »
  6. Commentary
    Born in 1900, Marcelle Sauvageot was connected to the Surrealists by friendship, love, and artistic practice, but has been excluded from the dominant narrative about that movement until a reissue of her single book, Commentaire (initially retitled Laissez-Moi), was published in Paris in 2002, prompting a revival of interest in her work and inspiring a successful one-woman show in Paris. Learn More »
  7. Sugar Hall

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    A chilling ghost story by a strong contemporary British female author. Learn More »
  8. What the Horses Heard
    Marking the centenary of the First World War, an ambitious novel that looks at impact on family life, the role of women in extreme situations and the treatment of conscientious objectors. Learn More »
  9. Reading Detectives


    St Mary’s Butts? What kind of irreverent street name is that and where did it come from?

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  10. Six Pounds Eight Ounces

    Hannah King is a liar, so everyone says. That means her stories of growing up in the Rhondda, as told in Six Pounds Eight Ounces, must be treated with caution.

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Items 41 to 50 of 691 total

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