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Reissued with a CD of Rita Ann Higgins reading her poems.

Throw in the Vowels is a new retrospective from Rita Ann Higgins: provocative and heart-warming poems of high jinx, jittery grief and telling social comment by a gutsy, anarchic chronicler of the Irish dispossessed.

"A brilliantly spiky, surreal blend of humour and social issues. Her poems are a witty mix of the erotic and the upfront political from a female perspective, with wonderful rhythms that effortlessly incorporate direct speech."
Ruth Padel, Independent on Sunday

"A quite untameable poet. Higgins roams the provincial towns and countryside of Ireland fomenting rebellion and writing with unstaunchable energy of everything warm and unrespectable in Irish life. Her voice is like nobody else's, simple but not naive, raucous but sympathetic."
Peter Porter, Poetry Book Society Bulletin

"Higgins's voices are so distinctive and real that a whole world of semi-rural Irish poverty rises around the reader with the jolting acuity of an excellent documentaryÖ an hilarious, absorbing and thoroughly disturbing experience."
Kate Clanchy, The Independent

"Rita Ann Higgins means a unique line in human warmth; and a unique colour of humour and a unique clarity."
Paul Durcan

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Throw in the Vowels